Something New

And In with the Damn New is right!!!

I don't know if I may be the only one feeling like this, but I am so glad that 08 is almost over and a New Year will begin very soon. There were times where the year became very trying and I just wanted to scream bloody murder. Don't get me wrong, with the things going on with the world and the economy, we are all praying that 09 will bring about good changes.

One of the reasons I had stopped bloggin as much as I used to was I think I was emotionally drained from dealing with a lot of extended family issues. This all started in May when my grandmother had gotten really sick and apparently suffered what we would find out much later, a mild stroke.

Being that I was pretty much the next of kin living out here, since my mother, her daughter, lives in Kansas, I took it upon myself to take care of things out here. Everything seemed to be getting done and going accordingly until my grandmothers' sisters started getting a little too involved. I understood that they were trying to help at first, but then it got to the point where they were disrespecting me in all sorts of ways, and there type of helping was to cause the most drama as possible. Mind you these sisters only live in Annapolis and although they were putting up that face of caring sisters I had already knew better than that because you all sure were never around when she was healthy. Not one of them ever lifted a finger to come by and see how she was doing when she was living in her house with no problems. Now the way they treat one another goes back decades but, I already had the inside scoop on a lot of their mess, so I already should have guessed they were going to be a handful. There was a point in time during the summer where I had to literally be escorted out of the hospital because I was cussing them out for the way they was acting. Harassing my mother was not a way to get on my good side either. There was just a lot going on, and from May to November my grandmother was in and out the hospital a dozen times. But thankfully she has now been home for over a month now and she got to celebrate her 70th birthday, so hopefully she'll get to celebrate many more.

Now don't get me wrong, besides the personal family drama, 2008 was a significant year in many ways. I mean we elected our first Black President, and as the days draw even closer, I cannot wait for the actual swearing in ceremony of Mr. Barack Obama and for the world to forever begin to change. I was with him from the moment he announced he was going to run and stuck by his side throughout the whole grueling campaign to see this man get elected and as young as I still am, thought I would never really see. But we are here folks, so those other people better get used to it!

I also know that 08 was the year that our economy fell out from beneath our feet, and although I'm not sure we have hit rock bottom yet, hopefully we have and we can begin to recover and move back up beyond this and maybe 09 can be the transition year to better things.

So out with the OLD, and in with the NEW, let us all just cross our fingers and have faith that 09 will bring about a fresh start.



Jamar Herrod said...

Happy New Year Lavar! Its good to see you blogging again. The situation with your grandmother reminds me of my grandfather before he passed. Family can be crazy...Stay strong and be encouraged. Take care.

D.LavarJames said...

Thanks Jamar,
Happy New Year to you as well!

Kyon Saucier said...

Bon Anee Delvin!

Darius T. Williams said...

Um, so yea - happy new year to you too.

D.LavarJames said...

Thanks everyone, back atcha

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year and welcome back!!!